Takaful Al-sham Charity Organization

Takaful Al-sham Charity Organization (TSCO) is a charity organization that started as a group of volunteers who responded to the humanitarian crisis in Syria in 2012. TSCO continued its work in Turkey as a licensed organization in 2013. It seeks to assist those who are in need at any time and any place according to the humanitarian principles so that they can live a decent life and better future.

TSCO works on four programs in Syria and Turkey, which are: Education, Livelihood and Early Recovery, Protection and Adolescents Empowerment, and Emergency and Response.

Our Message:

We seek to provide children with proper education, provide training and capacity building for adolescents and youth through scientific and creative curricula, meet the needs for those in needs and affected, and preserve their dignity at any time and any place.
Our Vision:

Empowering the human values within the individuals so that they can contribute to building a better society.

Our Values:

• Constant learning and Improvement: we can learn from all available resources and references in addition to benefiting from our experience and developing our work mechanisms regularly.
• Impartiality: we make sure of conducting our duties with integrity and according to the set plan. We also show commitment to transparency and credibility among teams' members and towards stakeholders.
• Respect: We respect the divergence in views regardless whether they are inside or outside the team. We also preserve the human dignity regardless of his/her belief and culture.
• Benevolence: We conduct our work perfectly and seek to add better values in order to achieve the level of excellence.
• Team Work: We believe in working as one team and taking the collective responsibility upon our shoulders so that our common vision can become real and our work can be successful.

Our Strategic Goals:

• Empowering Youth and Adolescents as well as raising their awareness and moral level in order to become influential actors in building their society.
• Providing children with proper and qualitative education within a safe environment.
• Meeting the basic needs of those in need and affected in addition to ensuring decent livelihoods for them so that they can start their own careers and live a decent life.
• Establishing an institutional framework in accordance with the international standards in humanitarian action.  
• Attaining financial sustainability for TSCO's charity work.
• Developing TSCO's team so that it can be a role model for others with respect to performance and credibility in addition to becoming a great core that can convey TSCO's message everywhere.