Shafak Organization

SHAFAK was officially established in 2013. However, Shafak first started during the early months of the Syrian Crisis in 2011. At its core, Shafak is a grassroots NGO that was established by Syrians for Syrians, with the intent of addressing people’s needs with dignity, equality and humanity with a focus on sustainability and autonomy to build civil society.


SHAFAK’s  vision is to build a socially and economically strong society by eliminating Poverty and Ignorance. We thrive to help our people rely on themselves to diagnose and understand the problems they suffer from that are caused by the crisis in Syria.


Shafak seeks to assist the vulnerable, particularly IDPs and war casualties, in order to provide them with the necessary resources to support themselves with due dignity in the best way possible. Therefore, Shafak will take all necessary steps to support the resilience of the people and enable communities to address their health and socioeconomic needs with an emphasis on sustainability and self-determination through civil participation process.