We are a humanitarian relief organization with focus on healthcare and children nutrition. In PAC, we help population affected with crises and disasters, regardless of their race or religion. The medical relief mission in Syria started working in 2012 providing high quality healthcare services to the people of Syria through various relief projects in Syria and Turkey. In 2016 we extend our population to Yemen by two projects. Mission To provide healthcare to the people in need according to a sophisticated system of planning, implementation and evaluation that matches the international health relief. Vision To pioneer in charity health care. Strategic goals 1. Providing comprehensive health services to patients and those in need with highest efficiency. 2. Contribution to the rebuilding of the health system. 3. Providing a safe and supportive work environment. 4. Dedication work consistency and development. Services Provided 1. Reproductive health care. 2. IMCI. 3. EPI. 4. Trauma. 5. IYCF –CMAM. 6. Chronic disease. 7. Child Protection and Psychosocial support. 8. Training and capacity building Currently Activities: 1. Shammarin Surgical Hospital (Shammarin, Northern Aleppo Countryside, Syria) 2. Mental Health Hospital (Azaz, Northern Aleppo Countryside, Syria) 3. Alotheih provide therapeutic treatment for malnutrition in children and pregnant and lactating women (Aleppo,Homs,Idleb,Hama) 4. Mobile Clinics Reproductive health care- Chronic Disease -Pediatrics(Aleppo,Homs,Idleb,Hama) 5. Pediatrics clinics, Nutrition centers: Idleb ,Aleppo 6. Gaziantep child clinics. 7. Prosthetic center in Killis/Turkey. 8. Prosthetic center in Ma'areb/Yemen. 9. Renal Dialysis Center Dale'a/Yemen.) Under construction(