Ghiras Al Nahda

  • Ghirs Alnahda
    • Non-governmental, non-profit organization. Aid is provided in accordance to priority of need. The organization seeks to empower human being, but it firstly tries to meet the basic human needs.
    • Ghiras Al-Nahda has officially started voluntary humanitarian work since December //2011// and registered in Turkey as Fidan Dernegi in 9-9-2014. Registration number is / No. 152-017-27 //
    • Establishment of the headquarter of the Organization in Gaziantep / Turkey. In addition to six offices in the areas where Ghiras works and some representatives in around the world.
    • Ghiras Al- Nahda has worked in the besieged areas in Damascus and Rural Damascus and in Lebanon/ Arsal/ in order to meet basic needs of the vulnerable, in addition to implementation of a number of developmental projects that would encourage producing, enhance human beings' abilities and provide jobs opportunities for people to achieve a decent life.
    • A founding member of the Syrian NGO’s Alliance (SNA) and a founding member of Management of Coordination of Relief Work in Eastern Ghouta. • An active member of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Ghiras Al- Nahda, through its active presence in all the meetings of the United Nations sectors within the areas of its work, seeks to advocate the Syrian issue, especially the besieged areas.
    • Number of employees is one hundred, forty of them are volunteers.
    • Total budget of the organization from establishment until the end of 2016 is about seventeen million American dollars that have benefited almost one million persons through implementation of productive projects. six million job opportunities have been provided and that has reasonably achieved self- sufficiency for the vulnerable and the displaced
  • Vision: Enhance the Syrian human beings' empowerment to participate in Syrian renaissance.
  • Mission: Humanitarian Organization that seeks to promote development of individual, works in Damascus and its countryside, through implementation of relief, development and intellectual projects in the region.
  • Values: Humanity - Transparency - Perfection – Honesty- Cooperation
  • Our Programmes: - FSL - Shelter & NFI - Education - Science research - Water Hygiene & Sanitation - Protection