Social Development International

A civil society organization established in Turkey in 24/8/2015 under registration No. 34-216-078, temporarily based in Istanbul with a representative office in Gaziantep.

SDI’s activities include:

• Food Security: Emergency response provide food assistance to damaged people through charity kitchens, distributing dates, children’s food, sacrifice meet and bread in addition to developmental agricultural projects to meet the needs of area and promote agriculture.

• Shelter and NFI: SDI implemented several projects to secure shelter for damaged populations and IDPs by restoring damaged houses and distributing NFIs such as blankets, mattresses, clothes, shoes, kitchen kits, hygiene kits and heating materials.

• Health: equipping several health facilities such as medical points and hospitals (like as Dar al-Shifaa hospital in eastern Ghouta,) to provide necessary medical treatment for people in damaged areas especially women and children in addition to equipping a number of ambulances in besieged areas and providing hospitals with consumables.

• Wash: providing potable water and usage water to damaged areas by rehabilitating water stations and digging wells.

• Protection: providing assistance and protecting people who face threats of violence, especially women and children and providing protection to damaged people especially children who lost on of their parents by providing monthly grants and social, health and educational care.

SDI highlights that promoting human values among people and providing humanitarian assistance are interrelated as projects cannot be sustained without spreading the culture of humanitarian work.