SNA participates in "Bringing Peace to Syria and Ukraine" Conference

SNA participates in

SNA participates in "Bringing Peace to Syria and Ukraine" Conference

Tuesday 19th June 2018 10:41 AM

On June 18th, the Syrian NGO Alliance participated in the "Bringing peace to Syria and Ukraine" Conference, held in Kiev, with attendance of journalists, and humanitarian experts and people interested in Russian military intervention in the Syrian and Ukrainian crises.


The SNA intervention included the main points below:

- The Syrian regime withholds aid to people who live in areas that are not under the government’s control. Most of the United Nations assistance reaches people in regime held areas not the most vulnerable Syrians. There should be strong international efforts towards this issue.

- The Syrian government eventually forcibly evacuated the majority of the residents from Eastern Ghouta in March, the remaining 100,000 people there are still cut off from any assistance.

- There’s no hostilities anymore in Eastern Ghouta. Why don’t we have access there.

- The suffering of the Syrians is not just a figure but the lives of families, children and vulnerable people.

- The Syrians are not only looking for food and drink, but for their right to live in dignity with all internationally guaranteed human rights.


Watch SNA Coordinator speaking about impact of war and lack of assistance on Syrians from