Imminent Humanitarian Disaster in NW Syria - #Act_for_Idlib

Imminent Humanitarian Disaster in NW Syria - #Act_for_Idlib

Imminent Humanitarian Disaster in NW Syria - #Act_for_Idlib

Friday 31st May 2019 07:05 PM



The North West of Syria, which is an area that contains over 3.5 million people, including 1.5 million of them IDPs, has been subjected to the military escalation that was started in the last week of April 2019 by Syrian regime forces and its Russian ally. This is a very clear violation to both the Sochi Dematerialization zone and Astana De-escalation zone agreements.
It has been a month since this escalation started, and we are seriously concerned with the disastrous consequences of the humanitarian situation it is leaving behind. Added to this is the fact that there are limited available resources at hand to respond to the people in need and a shortage of humanitarian aid assistance to the NW of Syria. This has all occurred in light of the failure of international diplomacy led by the United Nation Security Council to stop the escalation.
There have been over twenty-four attacks on health facilities, six attacks on civil defense centers, twenty-nine attacks on schools, and much more on other civilian infrastructure in the past month, where the number of fatalities has exceeded 250. This has led to civilians having to flee their hometowns in both northern rural Hama and southern rural Idlib.
Over 307,000 people have been displaced in the past two months with the majority in the past four weeks only. Over 200,000 of them are living in the open with no shelter, as Internally Displaced Person sites close to the Turkish border are extremely overcrowded and are already running at double capacity.
In the past few days, with the escalation spreading to the north, even these open spaces where the IDPs are residing have become under fire, with many of the residents having previously been displaced from other areas in the country like Ghouta, Dara'a, and Aleppo.
This is the single largest mass displacement in Syria since the beginning of the crisis, with the minimum response from both the international diplomacy and humanitarian big actors. We call on:

  1. The member states of the security council to act quickly and take the necessary measures to stop the current hostilities under the authority of the SC and impose a diplomatic track to find a political solution away from the use of violence.
  2. The guarantors of the de-escalation zones to implement the agreement in order to provide safety to the civilians on the ground.
  3. The UN agencies and donors to respond quickly in order to prevent the imminent humanitarian catastrophe from worsening.
  4. The security council to apply resolution 2286, which demands investigation and accountability of targeting civilian infostructure and health facilities.

Syrian Acting Bodies:

  • The White Helmets, officially known as Syria Civil Defence, is a volunteer organization that works to save the lives of people. Within the White Helmets, there are 2,900 volunteers that work on the front lines of the crisis to undertake rescue operations and to provide basic services for their communities.
  • Syrian NGO Alliance is a group of twenty-one Syrian non-governmental organizations supporting and leading the humanitarian aid in Syria and neighboring countries within different sectors. SNA members support over 20,000 humanitarian workers on the front lines of the crisis to provide services to millions of people.
  • Idlib health directorate is a health institution that organizes and supervises the health sector in Idlib Province. It provides health plans and strategies and then implements these plans in collaboration with various partners. It also works hard to provide comprehensive and integrated health care with high quality, health care that is available for all and accordant with national standards.