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The SNA is a gathering of Syrian non-governmental organizations working in the humanitarian field and in compliance ith international humanitarian standards. It aims to coordinate leadership and advocacy efforts on behalf of the Syrian people to achieve effective participation of Syrians in the management and decision-making in the Syrian humanitarian affairs, and to impact on the humanitarian and policies to suit these goals. Objectives of the Alliance: Joint advocacy on issues that aim to improve the humanitarian operations; responsive to the needs of the Syrians on all levels - local and regional coordination mechanisms, the donor community, governments in countries hosting Syrian refugees, United Nations agencies, and others at the local and global level. Advocacy through our humanitarian work against violations of human rights. Advocacy to include protection within the humanitarian operation as a whole. Support Syrian organizations working in the humanitarian field to participate in the planning and coordination mechanisms and advocating for Syrian humanitarian issues before the international community.

  • Commitment to humanitarian principles

  • Respect for international humanitarian law and the Human Rights Charter

  • Have independent sources of funding (not to be dependent on an exclusive funding from organizations that are coalition members)

  • Official license in any country in the world

  • The majority staff of the Organization are Syrians

  • The majority of the members of the Board of Directors to take the relevant decisions are Syrians.

  • Implement projects to provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrians in Syria or Syrian neighbours or displacement States:

determines the minimum volume of activity accepted is based on at least three of the following criteria:

- Registered for no less than six months from the date of the request to join the SNA

- has three or more humanitarian programs or operates in three humanitarian sectors or more

- Operates in three Syrian governorates or more

- Possesses a positive report of the performance of the organization from an international institution


For more details, please contact

Dr. Mohammad ALHAMMADI (SNA coordinator)